Celebrating Africa Day

OPINION Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime, 25 May 2020

Today, on May 25th, is Africa Day. It is a special day to reflect on Africanness, African brotherhood and sisterhood. It is also a difficult day as it brings into sharp relief the failure of our independence projects. Most of our nations are still under the cosh of former colonial ‘masters’ and under the leash of new colonialists. Just like during colonialism, most of our people are still mistreated by government, and in some cases treated even worse than the colonials ever did; and in the same way that the colonial official regarded our lands as an opportunity to loot, most of our resources are still stolen by corrupt cabals. The idea of African friendship remains a distant dream. It is easier for non-Africans to visit African countries than it is for me on my Malawian passport. So, yes, let’s celebrate our independence, our forward-looking constitutions and all that good about our dear Africa remembering that this project of decolonisation is far from over.


By Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime

Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime holds the Chair of African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth.

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