The is a platform accessible and available to everyone interested in political and legal developments on the African continent. Being run by the Chair of African Legal Studies (Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime) at the University of Bayreuth, it is aimed at furthering the academic debate on these issues. With a wide spanning list of authors, ranging from students to politicians, lawyers, professors and members of the NGO community, the blog attracts readers from all over the world.

To secure a diverse set of viewpoints, we are always looking for new authors to contribute articles to our blog. Besides other issues, our current focus circles around developments in the Federal Republic of Somalia. If you are interested in contributing to this project, you are warmly invited to submit your draft via

To reward outstanding articles, we are even more so delighted to award one submission in every three-month period with the Asli-Ahmed-Award. Due to the gracious support offered by the Verein für Entwicklung und humanitäre Hilfe Somalias e.V., this prize is endowed with a 100 US-$ financial award. All papers submitted in the Somalia section will be assessed by board which will then choose one article per timeframe.

Kindly include all information requested when submitting your paper:

  • Working Title
  • Your full name
  • One or two sentences about your affiliation
  • Your social media profiles, should you wish to be tagged
  • Relevant links, videos, pictures (embedded/hyperlinked)
  • Tags: 5-6
  • Indication of word count
  • Citation (Style: Oscola Quick Reference Guide)

A few rules

You are kindly asked to refrain from promoting companies or commercial services through your contributions. Your submission must be your personal work. We take plagiarism very seriously and will terminate our working relationship immediately.

Your submission should consist of around 1000 words. For clearer readability, kindly include sub-titles for sections of the article. Also, kindly hand in your draft in word format.

Once we have received your contribution, our team of editors will review your article. We decide whether to decline or accept any contribution at our sole discretion and inform you about the publication. We reserve the right to ask you for minor editing. While the time for this review process is generally short, kindly highlight if your article touches upon an ongoing development in order for us to respect the time-sensitive nature of your contribution.

More information on the Call for Papers as well as the Asli-Ahmed-Award can be found here.