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Climate Justice in the Global South

The Chair of African Legal Studies hosted a Seminar on Climate Justice in the Global South. Watch the lectures of leading experts from around the Globe!

Part 1: International Institutional Arrangements on Climate Change – Dr. Stephen Turner 

Part 2: International Legal Frameworks on Climate Change – Prof. Philippe Cullet

Part 3: The African Union and Climate Change – Prof. Thoko Kaime

Part 4: The Law, Lawyers and Environmental Problems – Prof. Rosalind Malcolm

Part 5: Tackling Climate Change through International Law -Advocacy Litigation – Prof. Patricia Kameri-Mbote

Part 6: Key Issues on Climate Change and Climate Justice in the Global South – Prof. Oguge Nicholas Otienoh

By Isabelle Zundel

Isabelle Zundel is a doctoral researcher at the Chair for African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth and Manager of the Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL).

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