Human Rights

This is an interdisciplinary platform for exciting insights, opinions, reviews, and critical analyses of human rights issues in Africa. A cross-section of contributors shares and cover human rights issues related to policy, advocacy, practice, and awareness. The insights shared unveil a wide spectrum where human rights principles and theories interface with lived realities of people and communities in Africa.

Besides the blog contributions, the and the Chair of African Legal Studies at the University of Bayreuth are constantly developing new initiatives to exchange and engage with scholars and practitioners. These include research projects such as “Intractable Human Rights Issues” or debate series (e.g. “Everyone’s human rights”).

Peoples’ Rights in Africa: Bridging the Era of Independence Struggles with the Present

Cecilia NgaizaAug 30, 20204 min read

COMMENT Cecilia Ngaiza 30 August 2020 Reading through the preamble to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, 1981 (hereinafter referred to as the…

Black Lives Matter

Prof. Dr Thoko KaimeJun 24, 20201 min read

Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime 24 June 2020 The Chair of African Legal Studies expresses deep solidarity with the protests against structural racism and its daily…

Renee Bach – Fighting post-colonial power structures through litigation

Isabelle ZundelJun 15, 20204 min read

OPINION Isabelle Zundel and Prof. Dr Thoko Kaime, 15 June 2020 Renee Bach, a young white American woman with evangelical background, came to Uganda in…

Achieving justice for victims of gross human rights in Sudan

Prof. Dr Thoko KaimeJun 4, 20203 min read

COMMENT Prof. Dr Kaime and Lena Scheibinger, 4 June 2020 Significant step in the al-Bashir indictment In February 2020, the Sudanese government indicated its intention…

Falsified registrations threaten child rights

Gift Gawanani MaulukaMay 18, 20203 min read

OPINION Gift Gawanani Mauluka, 18 May 2020 In light of the fresh Presidential election scheduled for 2nd July 2020 in Malawi, there has been an…