March 2021: Climate Month

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Additional Literature:

Cooperation between the South African regions is needed to combatting climate change, the Southern African Development (SADC) approach has focused on mitigation and adaption to increased climate change combing it with the socio-economic development frameworks of the 15 SADC member states. This article examines these frameworks and the corresponding process.

The rights of displaced humans regarding to climate change should be guaranteed through legal and normative frameworks. This article examines how soft and hard law can be implemented to fill the protection gaps and uphold a complementary protection.

The Paris Agreement from 2016 binds the global community to reduce greenhouse gases in international soft law instruments. This article presents the promotion of renewable sources and challenges that should mitigate the consequences of climate change.

This article outline the main strategies for a sustainable energy system through environmental and energy law to facilitate the technology transition from unsustainable fossil energy towards renewable energy.

International Legal Framework:

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